LeAnne Marquis

Firepainted Wildflower Cascade

necklace and earrings
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Necklace  $95.00
Hook Earrings  $48.00
Post Earrings  $42.00
What is "Painting with Fire"?

I use a torch on copper sheet in an 11 step hot and cold process to obtain vibrant colors. No chemicals or dyes are used. The copper is the canvas, while the torch and flame are the brush and paint, creating the glorious patterns and luminous hues on each hand cut shape.

Each one is a surprise as I "fire-paint" until I see something magical happening. I then hand cut my designs with a jeweler's saw, shears or die cuts and many times cold connect copper with other metals with handmade rivets. I pair my little fire paintings with genuine gemstones and create my own settings with fine silver.

Most ear wires and chain are sterling silver darkened with a patina.

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As in a field of wildflowers, no two are exactly alike! A cascade of firepainted flowers I hand cut from copper sheet, then file, hammer and pierce to perfect 'imperfection' in order to stay true to the organic nature of the design. The vibrant flowers sparkle with movement as they playfully twirl about.

Choice of the necklace, earrings or both. Necklace is finished with a nylon coated 3 strand cable and sterling silver bayonet clasp.

The post earrings are actually jackets, meaning they come apart so the rose gold filled post may be worn alone or with the wildflower. The post inserts into the center of the flower.

Please Note: Due to the wild nature of the flame on copper and the individually hand cut shapes all are one-of-a-kind and no two will ever be exactly duplicated.