LeAnne Marquis
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Fire and Ice pendants small

with labradorite and adjustable chain
Price: $180.00
1 selection I available
1 selection II available
Firepainted 1" diameter circle and diamond shape with faceted labradorite stone. The chain is adjustable so it may be worn at any length you choose. Slips over the head at it's longest length and the clasp can be adjusted from there.

This piece was created using a torch on copper sheet. The copper is the canvas, while the torch and flame are the brush and paint, creating the glorious patterns and luminous hues on this hand cut shape.

Each one is a surprise as I "fire-paint" until I see something magical happening.

Two similar available. Pendants measure 3" in length. Chain may be adjusted from it's longest length of 28" by sliding the ball up or down.

    Materials: Heat treated copper. Color is protected with a top grade, permanent gloss lacquer, genuine labradorite stone, sterling silver adjustable chain which has been darkened with a patina.

  • Labradorite: Smokey gray drop with flashes of color - The stone of transformation and protection. Helps to provide clarity and insight into your destiny, as well as attract success. Reduces stress and anxiety.